Convert PCL to RTF

Because RTF is a widely spread and lightweight format, many users prefer to convert bulky and less supported PCL documents to RTF. Total PDF Converter is a kind of tool, which supports both formats and can be used as a PCL converter.

This converter appears to be climbing the popularity charts, since today's users appreciate simplicity and effectiveness. Actually, this is the way it goes these days. Every job must be done well and on time, and this is exactly how this converter works.

The batch option, which is featured in this converter, proves that. You can set it to convert as many PCL files to RTF as you have on your PC and you will not have to wait for a long time. The program features a powerful engine, which copes with tremendous workloads.

How to Convert PCL to RTF in batch? There is nothing extraordinary about this procedure:

Command line is another unique option. In order to convert PCL to RTF via command line, open the Help menu. There you will find commands, which stand for the options, which you must have already tried via the interface. Operating the program in the command line mode requires a bit of practice.

Apart from PCL, Total PDF Converter also supports PDF, PDF/A, EPS, PS, PRN, XPS and OXPS files. It's an ultimate all-in-one solution to deal with all PDF types.

In order to test the program, download the 30-day free trial version and follow the guide. If you purchase the full version, you will receive updates for one year.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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