Convert PCL to WMF

Total PDF Converter performs export from PCL to WMF format, solving the problem of inability to use graphics in PCL. With the help of this program you can export PCL to WMF in batch that will make you free of boring routine of one-by-one conversion.

WMF is a vector format, and after such conversion all data from PCL will become vector graphics. It is perfect for design and artistic needs or for development purposes like creating program interfaces. Total PDF Converter creates the fullest and the best quality copy of PCL source, rendering all the info from original file. It can convert PCL to WMF in batches that gives a user comfort and more free time:

File name template allows naming original copies in proper order. For instance, WMF copy name can state the name of original file and a number of page it contains. Templates are fully adjustable. This PCL converter saves all converted files into a destination folder that is also specified in settings. All parameters are available through a popup wizard that appears after you select the target format.

Besides WMF, Total PDF Converter offers exporting PCL files to EMF, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DOC and more.

Traditionally users run conversions through the user interface. But there are two more ways. First, you can convert PCL to WMF via command line. Also convert function integrates into right-click menu, and you can convert a single PCL file right from the desktop.

Total PDF Converter can be tried in a free demo version. Download it and use during 30 days.

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