Convert PDF to EMF Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PDF to EMF conversion on a server side is possible with the help of Total PDF ConverterX. It works very efficiently for multiple users and provides high quality EMF copies of your source files. In order to convert PDF to EMF on a server, you only need to send a conversion command and that's all!

A conversion command should contain three compulsory items:

Path to PDF source file(s)

Destination for future EMF copies

Target format (-cEMF)

If to specify them, the server PDF converter will generate the exact copies of the original files in the target format. As this is a batch converter, one command is enough to process all files you need. Additionally, you can set a file name template to sort output files by date or some other tags. The variant of converting each PDF source page into a separate EMF file is also provided. All these adjustments are specified in convert PDF to EMF command line parameters. If you need to create a graphic interface for working with Total PDF ConverterX, it is not a problem. Thanks to ActiveX support it can be integrated into the graphic interface.

If you need to export PDF to EMF on a regular basis, it is possible to set fully automatic server based PDF conversion. Total Folder Monitor checks the memory folder for newly coming PDF files and enables conversions according to preset parameters. In this case users will only need to save their PDF originals to the specific folder.

Total PDF ConverterX supports a lot of formats for extending the area of use for PDF files. You can turn them to texts, bitmap or vector images, tables, etc. You can convert PDF via command line with minimum efforts, quickly and safely. Download the script here and see how easy to use it for your needs.

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