Convert PDF to HTML In Batch

PDF files are quite good to print but editing them is a bit of problem. Whatever your reason is to convert PDF to HTML you need a reliable but easy-to-use solution.

Total PDF Converter converts PDF files to HTML and other formats. It has a number of benefits:

How To Use

Total PDF Converter is extremely easy-to-use:

If you have just one PDF file to convert and it's on your desktop Total PDF Converter is a life-saver. It integrates into Windows. Click the file and select convert to option from the popup menu. You do not even have to launch the program!

Total PDF Converter is a very affordable solution. The price is much cheaper than other less powerful pdf converters. Once paid you get 1 year of major upgrades and tech support for free. No hidden costs!

Customer Reviews

Bruce A. Chitiea SafeSectors, Inc.

"I find your Windows product to be excellently conceived and executed. The GUI is very straightforward; controls thoughtfully placed. One does not need a manual to become quickly productive. Performance and quality of results meets or exceeds expectations. Your business pricing is right in the middle of the market, a good place to be. Coomand line is where I will do most of my work. As an old DOS user, I felt "right at home". Once I figured out the parameters, performance was superb."

Carolyn Gorup Senior manager

"We had some 2,200 PDF files that needed to be converted to TIFF. The project manager said we would have to rescan the files, go into the back closets, dust off the cabinets, find and pull the files and rescan them, and of course then re-file the reports. With the Total PDF Converter we put a copy of the files into a sub-directory, I went in and selected the subdirectory and 2 hours later the files were converted. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price."

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