Convert PLT to CGM

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PLT files contain graphics and commands for printers. If you would like to extract pure graphics and export them to a vector image format, in a relatively compact size, try CGM format. In order to convert PLT to CGM correctly, use Total CAD Converter which supports both these formats. The graphics will be exported fully and correctly, this is very important when dealing with engineer drawings.

Total CAD Converter is developed specifically to switch existing CAD files into other, more suitable formats. In such a way the information stored in your sources can be used for all possible needs. Thanks to the ability of converting PLT to CGM in batch, this is one of the fastest CAD converters, if not the best. Even if you deal with hundreds of files, you will get converted copies in the shortest possible time. Batch conversion is very useful, if you have to convert each PLT source with the same settings. Just do the following:

Check all PLT source files from the navigation panel

Press 'CGM' on the target format bar

Adjust batch CGM converter according to your requirements

Press 'Start!'

And check the output copies after conversion is finished. You can resize drawings before conversion, if you do not need them to be converted in their original size. In such a way large images can be decreased to make them maximally compact in size. You can also convert CAD drawings in rotated view for the proper orientation on paper. Desaturation is also available.

Total CAD Converter has no restrictions in use - convert as many files as you need in one batch. The licensed version has a 30-day limit for use. You can also download CAD converter in free trial. After this term expires, you will be offered to upgrade for a licensed version without reinstallation.

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