How To Convert PNG To BMP

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Conversion from PNG to BMP is not very popular in image processing, as BMP is rather outdated format. However, if you need such graphic export, Total Image Converter will be the best tool to handle it. This program knows how to convert PNG to BMP correctly, providing ability to adjust graphic properties according to your requirements. Total Image Converter is more than a plain conversion tool. It supports all major graphic formats and easily plays with settings. Using them, you can:

change the size of images

crop specific fragments for conversion

select specific color mode

protect BMP copies by watermarks.

It makes any further edits unneeded, as all graphic optimizations are made together with conversion in automatic mode. Batch PNG into BMP conversion is also available. With its help many PNG files in one simple action. Check how it is easy to convert files using Total Image Converter:

All parameters from the settings wizard will be applied to the batch of files that you select in the first step of conversion. This image converter has navigation tab right inside, and you can select files for conversion directly in the program window.

Total Image Converter also can convert PNG images to JPEG, ICO, GIF, TIFF and many other image types. Each format provides its own settings according to the properties it supports. Resizing, quality optimization, copyright protection - all this is doable with Total Image Converter. You can use PNG BMP converter from the command line too. Simply type conversion command, and the program will output you BMP copies. More about command line mode is in the Help menu.

You have a chance to convert files for free during 30 days. Try it!

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