How To Convert PNG To GIF

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PNG was created as the successor of GIF, and one if its major applications is web content. However, it has one shortcoming. PNG doesn't support animation. If you would like to turn PNG images into the slides for GIF animation or simply need to convert PNG to GIF format, use Total Image Converter. This program gives ability to convert original pictures to all modern image formats. It perfectly works for a batch of images, converting them all in a few clicks.

This video shows how to convert PNG to GIF using Total Image Converter:

Total Image Converter has a few options that make it perfect tool for image export:

It supports ALL modern image formats

Batch conversion helps to make the procedure of converting many PNGs maximally quick

You can configure graphic properties for the output format to gain desired quality and formatting

Result copies can be watermarked for protection.

Its usability fits even the most inexperienced users, as the interface shows every step on hand and doesn't let user get lost in settings. You can even use PNG GIF converter with default parameters, without any manual adjustments. It will output you GIF copies of PNG originals that replicate the original formatting. Please note that GIF maximally supports 256 colors palette, while PNG provides color depth up to 48 bit. That is why during conversion you may lose the original quality of PNG images.

The same way you can convert PNG to various other formats like JPEG, TIFF, ICO, etc. The difference is only in settings, as each format features different parameters. The program is able to convert both single file or batch of PNG files. You can test PNG to GIF export together with other modes of this image converter for free. Total Image Converter in trial version is available here.

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