How To Convert PNG To JPEG2000

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Comparing PNG and JPEG2000, the last one provides better compression in size for photos within the same quality level. You can compress the size of your image storage twice or even more, if convert PNG into JPEG2000 format. Total Image Converter is a program that offers customizable conversion for images of any types and provides the features of standard image editor.

It won't take much time and doesn't require any special skills. In this video you can see how to convert PNG into JPEG 2000 with Total Image Converter:

The program supports batch PNG conversion that means easy and quick processing of all originals at once. It is comfortable to set all parameters only one time instead of repeating the same settings for each image separately. As for the conversion options, PNG JPEG2000 converter offers the following:

You can transform original PNG pictures by rotating, cropping and resizing in all possible ways.

Choose any background for JPEG2000 copies.

Adjust JPEG2000 compression to get the desired file size.

You can also add watermarks for protecting JPEG2000 copies from unwanted use.

Watermarks are a good solution, if you wish to share pictures on public resources, but would like to protect the copyright. This image converter offers frames, texts or logo's as watermarks. Each type is fully adjustable: you can set position on the image, styling, content - everything!

The quality (compression) is a slide bar with 0 to 100% values. The higher value you set, the more JPEG200 copies will be compressed. If you are not sure what compression level to choose, try to convert one image first to see the result. Total Image Converter has image viewer that shows image itself and its major properties.

You can test PNG to JPEG2000 conversion for free in a trial version. Get it now!

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