Convert PRN to JPEG Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Ability to convert PRN files to JPEG format is very useful for making the content of PRN files accessible as common images. While most of converting programs with such feature are desktop-oriented, Total PDF ConverterX works as a server application. It can convert PRN to JPEG via command line and do this for a few users at once.

Being a server-oriented program means having no GUI, i.e. working simply as a script. However, there is a way to build graphic shell and join the script with it using ActiveX. ActiveX support also makes it possible to integrate converting features into other web services. This way Total PDF ConverterX can work as:

An independent PRN JPEG server converter

A GUI-wrapped web server

A part of another application

In all cases the script is easily setup and works outputting high-quality JPEG images. The range of settings offered in this server PRN converter helps to make future images look exactly the way you need. JPEG quality is setup for compressing the file size and optimizing JPEG files for sharing in the internet or using in slideshows. DPI is also adjustable that is important for publishing and printing.

Being a batch converter, Total PDF ConverterX can combine a few original PRN files into one JPEG image. You can place all pages by width or by height in result image. You can even place a specific number of pages in one row. All these settings are specified in conversion command that is sent to a script on a server. The codes for them are simple and very logic, there will be no problems with this.

Besides converting PRN to JPEG, Total PDF ConverterX also can export them to TIFF, BMP, GIF, etc. Each conversion mode is adjustable. You can try this server program for free first before purchasing. Do it now!

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