How to Convert PRN to PDF?

PRN is a file format that is created by choosing "Print to File" within the Print dialog box. Files of this format can contain text and other content, as well as instructions for the printer. In many ways, PRN is similar to PostScript format. The difference is, however, in software compatibility. PRN files can only be viewed with the help of ACD Systems Canvas 12, Microsoft Office Document Imaging, AllWeb FastPrint, Microsoft Windows Command Prompt, and Free Raw Print (FRP).

If you want to view PRN files as a text, however, you will need to convert them into another format. Oftentimes users choose to convert PRN files into PDF, a format used by Adobe Reader. You might want to know, how to convert PRN into PDF easily and yet efficiently. The answer is simple: just install a proper PRN PDF converter!

We suggest you try Total PDF Converter by CoolUtils, a unique tool for converting PRN to PDF and many other formats.

This program has a number of advantages:

All you need to do to convert PRN to PDF with Total PDF Converter, is:

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