Convert PRN to TIFF Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PRN is a printout file type that is supported by software for various printers but not used for standard user needs like viewing and editing graphics. To adapt graphics in PRN for design purpuses, it is better to convert PRN to TIFF type. Total PDF ConverterX will do this in command line mode.

Command line mode means performing conversions silently, when a specific command is sent to the program, and files are processed in background mode. The program itself operates on a web server (local or remote) and outputs ready TIFF copies after conversion is finished. Ability to convert PRN to TIFF via command line makes it possible to serve with a few users, and such peculiarity also differs this version from desktop Total PDF Converter. Conversion to TIFF offers a few parameters that you can set:

Conversion mode



Compression and DPI influence on the file size and quality of future images. This PRN TIFF server converter can convert all source files into one TIFF, each page into a separate TIFF or convert each original file into a new TIFF multi-page image.

By default Total PDF ConverterX works without user interface. If this is not suitable for you in terms of usability, you can create a GUI for this program and connect it to the script using ActiveX technology. The program is also suitable for development needs, when you need to program your own applications with converting options. Such wide area of usage makes it a universal server PRN converter.

You can automate the process entirely, if use Total PDF ConverterX together with Total Folder Monitor. This way no commands need to be sent, as the program will automatically convert all files coming to a specific server folder. It will apply preset parameters to all files.

Download Total PDF ConverterX here to test its functionality.

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