Convert PRN to XHTML Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Converting PRN into xHTML pages in a silent mode is available via Total PDF ConverterX. As opposed to the desktop version of this tool, X-version is server oriented. This means it is installed and setup on a web server, and users send conversion commands to the script from their computers. When you convert PRN to xHTML via command line, the whole process is done invisible for user. You just get your files converted with no need to launch a graphic interface.

You have a few variants of converting PRN to xHTML:

You can turn every PRN document into xHTML page

You can convert every page of PRN document into xHTML file

You can combine all PRN documents into one result xHTML

It is a batch converter that can handle any number of files at once. When exporting PRN to xHTML on a server, the script can delete the original documents, if you switch this option on. If you wish to convert PRN files automatically, without sending conversion commands every time, you can use Total Folder Monitor. This program watches if new files come to a specific folder and converts all new documents regularly.

One more bonus of server converter is its multi-user support. Different users who have access to server can convert files in turn. You can integrate Total PDF ConverterX into other applications using ActiveX. It helps also to create a graphic shell, turning the program into a web service with user interface. This PRN xHTML server converter is straightforward and requires very little efforts from users. Being managed from the command line, it only needs to receive your conversion command and process files in the way you need.

Try Total PDF ConverterX in a trial version. It has only one limitation - 30 days validity, the whole set of features is available in it.

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