Convert PS to BMP Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Both PS and BMP formats are outdated, so it is very hard to find a program that can convert one to another, especially server apps. If you need to have a PS BMP server converter or would like to implement converting features of such kind into your own application, take a look at Total PDF ConverterX. This universal SDK for programmers also works as a separate converter on a web server.

You can install the program onto a web server, and it will work as a client-server app in your local network. In the same way it can work as a web service, converting PS files to BMP online. For converting PS to BMP no GUI is provided, so conversion commands need to be sent via command line. Additionally to a standard way of using this tool you can:

Integrate Total PDF ConverterX into GUI using ActiveX

Make conversion process fully automatic with the help of Total Folder Monitor

Seamlessly integrate this converter into your own app.

Besides this you can use Total PDF ConverterX for programming applications from scratch. Take a look at the code samples that show how to build PS to BMP C# converter based on this script. No needs to spent months on programming conversion functionality. Just develop an interface you need and connect it to the script. It will significantly save time. In the same way you can use Total PDF ConverterX for programming PS to BMP ASP converters. The code is compatible with this programming language too, as well as with PHP.

Being highly functional, Total PDF ConverterX gives you full freedom in how and where to convert PS files. Use it in the most comfortable way and get high-quality BMP copies of PS files. Get this PS to BMP SDK here in a trial version.

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