Convert PS to CSV Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PS files contain information in a way coded for printers. That is why it is hard to operate with such files in common editors. To make PS tables suitable for web content or import to DB, you should convert PS to CSV. This format represents table data in plain text, so the files are very compact in size. To implement PS CSV server converter use Total PDF ConverterX. This highly functional program works on servers, servicing conversion requests from clients.

Being a client-server app it works for multiple users, one license is needed to provide converting functionality for the users of your network. All they need is to send convert PS to CSV command line parameters, where the following information should be specified:

location of source files

location of future CSV copies

target format (CSV)

formatting settings

As for the formatting settings, these parameters can be skipped, if you don't want to change the layout of the original PS files. In the standard mode you get PS to CSV no GUI converter. If you need to let users setup conversions via GUI, you should use ActiveX for integrating this converter into a graphic shell.

Total PDF ConverterX can be used as SDK for developing PS to CSV C# converters. The script can be built-in into your own code. Besides exporting PS to CSV, you can implement export to Doc, PDF, JPEG and other formats. You can integrate the full script or use only its parts. It is also suitable for PS to CSV ASP converters.

As you see, Total PDF ConverterX helps to implement converting features into existing apps, be a basis for new applications or work as a separate converter on a web server. Download this PS to CSV SDK and take advantage of fast and easy setup!

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