Convert PS to EMF Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Total PDF ConverterX is a version of desktop Total PDF Converter adapted for a web server. It can be used by many people at once. One license is enough for corporate use. It features batch PS EMF server converter that can work in several modes:

Convert all PS originals into EMF files

Converter each PS original to a separate EMF file

Convert each page of a PS original to separate EMF files

You can specify the suitable mode by convert PS to EMF command line parameters. Obligatory parameters include address of the source files, location for the desired EMF copies and the target format. All other settings are optional. For converting PS to EMF no GUI is required, as all conversion requests are sent to a server via command line. The script exports files into EMF format according to the parameters sent by the user, and stores result files in the proper location. If you need to automate this process, use Total Folder Monitor together with it. This way no manual adjustments are required.

Running this script as the server converter is not the only possible way of use. You can build rich PS to EMF ASP converters using it as SDK. This tool contains all required converting features. You only need to integrate the ready-made code into your own application. In order to see how to do this, please check the code samples located in C:\Program Files\Total PDF ConverterX. You can use Total PDF ConverterX as a odebase for PS to EMF C# converters too.

It is possible to create a graphic interface for Total PDF ConverterX in order to customize its look for your needs. Use ActiveX technology for this, as well as for integrating PS conversion into existing online services. In order to test, download a trial version of Total PDF ConverterX. 30 days of free use are available for everyone!

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