Convert PS to JPEG Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PS file contains a set of commands for printer. If you need to extract this information as simple graphic for demo purposes, it is reasonable to convert it to JPEG. CoolUtils offers powerful PS JPEG server converter that provides ability to run conversions by multiple users. Working as a server-client application, Total PDF ConverterX is a perfect solution for corporate needs or web services. Besides being a ready-to-use script, it is a great PS to JPEG SDK that is good for programming custom converting tools.

Total PDF ConverterX is highly flexible in terms of conversion parameters for PS to JPEG export. Users can adjust the following parameters:

JPEG quality

DPI index

Conversion mode (combine/separate sources)

File name template

All these options are specified in convert PS to JPEG command line parameters, if such need exists. If not, all parameters user needs to send to a server app is location of source files and future copies and target format (-cJPEG). Total PDF ConverterX is suitable for batch conversion that is highly useful when dealing with big number of files. If needed, you can adjust fully automatic conversion, additionally using Total Folder Monitor. For converting PS to JPEG no GUI is provided, and you can integrate it into any GUI you need. For this use ActiveX that should be installed on the same server, where converter operates.

If you are developing PS to JPEG C# converter, use Total PDF ConverterX as an SDK for this project. You will significantly decrease the time required for programming, as the biggest part of code is already finished. All you need to complete is a client side. The same is for PS to JPEG ASP projects.

Download Total PDF ConverterX in trial version and test how useful it can be when working with PS files. Get it here!

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