Convert PS to RTF Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

PS files are not suitable for further editing as simple documents. If you have texts in PS and want to make them compatible with all major text editors, convert them to RTF. If you need to implement thid feature into your own application like PS to RTF C# converter, use Total PDF ConverterX. Besides being a fully executable script, this product can be used as SDK for your own development projects. It will save your time and prevent your apps from major errors.

The script contains highly flexible converting algorithms that can work with or without manual adjustment. If you run ut as a PS RTF server converter in your local network, you can run conversions by sending commands to server via console. Users connected to server can use it without need to install a copy onto each computer. In this case you:

Save money on licenses

Can automate the whole conversion process

Can make the converter available as a web service.

In the original pack for converting PS to RTF no GUI is required, as you just need to send commands to the converter that will be processed on the server side. Users send conversion requests via command line and get their files converted in turn. Setup the whole process into automatic mode via Total Folder Monitor. The files coming to the predefined folder on a server will be converted on regular basis. If you would like to wrap the converting script into user interface, you may use ActiveX technology.

If you would like to implement specific features into your own projects like creating PS to RTF ASP converter, just use ready-made code of Total PDF ConverterX script. It features all options required for high-quality PS conversion.

You are free to download this PS to RTF SDK for trial use to test it in your own projects. Get it here.

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