Convert PS to XLS Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

If you have data tables stored in out of date PS format, convert them to XLS files that can be easily edited and printed via MS Excel. CoolUtils offers a desktop Excel converter but also PS XLS server converter called Total PDF ConverterX. This server-oriented application works for many users at a time. One license is enough for all users in your corporate network or online community!

Total PDF ConverterX is a very efficient tool that can be used in a few ways:

As a server application

As a PS to XLS SDK for desktop and web apps

As a part of another application

In the first case you will need to setup the script on a web server. Users will need to send commands to a server to get the files converted. A typical set of convert PS to XLS command line parameters includes the address of PS sources, destination for the future XLS copies, conversion mode (target format) and formatting parameters. The last part is optional and is used only for the case you have some special requirements to how copies may look and be structured. For converting PS to XLS no GUI is provided. If you need to make script work via user interface, use ActiveX to implement it. By default all interaction with application is done from the command line.

Total PDF ConverterX is a powerful SDK for developing PS to XLS C# converters. There are available code scripts for integrating SDK into projects. You can use them in your own development to make it maximally easy and fast to program. It is suitable for PS to XLS ASP converters as well.

You can download Total PDF ConverterX here. Try it for free before purchasing or order a license for unlimited use.

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