Convert PST to Text With Attachments

There's no getting around it, decades after its invention the world still runs on email. But while nothing beats the speed and convenience of email as a medium, it's far from the best place to store your data long term.

Sooner or later you'll be faced with having to export business info out of email and into a more suitable format for either archiving or further processing. And if that's the task in front of you, Total Outlook Converter Pro is the software solution you've been looking for.

It handles PST to text conversion with ease and comes packed with an incredible feature set that simply can't be found in any other PST converter. As a fully featured batch converter, it allows you to process any number of email files with just a few clicks.

The software supports time zone conversion and selective parsing of email fields to allow you to organise your data effectively. It can also scan your hard drive for Outlook files using the handy built-in Find Outlook Files option so you can be sure you're collecting all the relevant files.

What really sets Total Outlook Converter Pro apart however is how it deals with attachments. In the Pro version of the software you're able to not only process attachments that may be contained with original email messages but also able to convert the attached files themselves.

The amount of time this could save you when, for example, looking to convert PST to text with attachments is potentially enormous. Our software handles a huge range of output conversion formats for attachments including DOC, PDF, TXT, HTML and many more. No other conversion software on the market comes close to matching this functionality.

As with all of our products, Total Outlook Converter Pro comes in a range of carefully considered licensing options - including a server license with ActiveX - which you can select from to match your unique requirements.

We've been producing high-quality conversion software since 2003 and are confident our software is the best solution out there. Put our claims to the test by downloading a fully functional, free 30 day trial of Total Outlook Converter Pro today!

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