Rename Songs By ID3 Tag

Id3 is a metadata container that comprises information such as track and album titles, track number, the name of the artist, etc.

Visual Renamer is a versatile utility intended for renaming files in batch. The program can be of great help for those who have to rename lots of files on a daily basis. Visual Renamer will help you rename scores of your mp3 files by id3 tags in less than a few seconds.

How to Rename Songs

To rename songs by id3 tag, select the folder with mp3 files and check-mark the songs you wish to rename. Then select Working with mp3 files' ID3-tag from the Presets menu and specify the rename fashion.

Visual Renamer features Preview function, which you can use unless you are sure of the results. This function permits you to check the quality of your tracks as many times as you need to ensure it satisfies you.

Operations are displayed in the form of graphic diagram or script. The latter is more convenient for those who have a little knack for programming. You can combine operations, so they will be displayed in a long string.

When you have adjusted your settings, click Rename. All the files you have checked will be renamed according to the parameters you have just specified. Command line support permits you to rename files in batch from within other applications.

This Renamer can boast unsurpassed user friendliness. It does not take a manual for even a beginner to see how it works. All you need to do is specify the files to be renamed and select the presets. The whole process of renaming is visualized.

This new file renamer has a series of advanced traits, including, but not limited to:

Visual Renamer is available online. You can either buy it at once or try the 30-day demo version and see how it works. If you have purchased the full version, you are entitled to free tech support and upgrades. You are also free to contact us and share with us your judgments and suggestions.

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