Rename Photo by Description In Batch

Visual Renamer is a versatile software utility intended for renaming files. Of all existing file naming utilities, Visual Renamer is the most advanced and user friendliest. You can well do without it if you need to rename one or two files. However, it is a salvation for those who need to rename bunches of files .

Visual Renamer has a robust and intuitive user interface, by aid of which you can visualize your operations and lay down your own file naming rules. Operations are specified by blocks, which include LowerCase, Rename, Replace, Capitalize, Counter and Delete. The program supports EXIF and THM image formats. You can choose any block to edit your photographs.

How to Rename Photographs by EXIF Info

This is done by a few simple actions. Launch the utility and select the folder with your images. All files contained in the folder will be displayed on the screen. Check the images you would like to rename. To check all the files, click Select All. You can also select/deselect files by group, date, image name or extension.

If you are renaming a batch, you can combine the blocks mentioned above. Use Preview function to see what your output files will look like. Select Rename Photo by Description from the preset list on top of the interface. When you have made all your settings, click Rename. All selected files will be renamed automatically.

What makes the tool really handy is the way your rules are presented on the screen. Functions are arranged in a graphic diagram. Every newly selected action is added to the diagram, so that you can see the whole bunch of actions you need to perform. If you have a knack for programming, you can use the tool's specific script to rename your images. To view changes in naming rules, switch tabs.

Visual Renamer features command line support. This function permits you to run the program and manage your files from within other applications.

This program is shareware. You can either buy it right now or use the 30-day demo version to see how it works. If you buy the license version, you will be getting free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis

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