Convert SR2 to TIFF (Sony's RAW Photos)

Our Total Image Converter software is known for supporting a huge range of RAW image formats including CRW, CR2, NEF and many more. We are delighted to announce that the latest addition to the lineup is Sony's SR2 format - good news for digital camera owners worldwide!

If you have been looking to convert SR2 to TIFF in batch, then help is finally at hand! Total Image Converter is a powerful SR2 TIFF converter that will help you handle any number of files without having to splash out on expensive image processing software.

It is not just TIFF conversion that the software handles with ease of course. This batch image converter will also help you:

You will also have full control over TIFF-specific parameters such as choosing between seven different compression options and a full range of TIFF photometric interpretation choices.

In addition to TIFF, Total Image Converter can handle a wider range of input and output formats that you will not find anywhere else. TIFF, JPEG, PSD and PNG are just a few of the supported import file formats and you can export to PDF, BMP, JPEG, GIF and a host of other options.

As with all of our products, you have the option of using Total Image Converter either via its incredibly easy to use graphic user interface (GUI) or calling it directly from the command line. Power users will appreciate the convenience of the latter option while the simplicity of the former is perfect for users of all levels of technical knowledge.

You are simply not going to find a similar range of power and functionality when it comes to image conversion at anything even close to the price of Total Image Converter.

Your one-time purchase locks in a lifetime of value but we encourage you to try the product before you buy. Download a fully functional copy 30-day trial version or Total Image Converter today and test it for yourself!

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