Transliterate File With Visual Renamer

Visual Renamer is a treasure for those whose daily job requires a lot of file renaming. If you have purchased this unique file renamer, you are going to live a different life. Visual Renamer will do eighty percent of your job automatically.

The program has an intuitively laid-out interface, which will help a novice user grasp it in a twinkle of an eye. Currently, this is one of the fastest file renamers available on the web. The program has several advanced features, which include batch mode, command line support, karaoke file support, EXIF support, various sort-out filters, mp3 tag support and many other functions.

Transliterating Files With Visual Renamer

By aid of Visual Renamer, you can transliterate as many files as you need. The procedure is very simple. It takes just a few simple actions to transliterate a file name (or names).

Launch the utility and select the folder with files. Then check one or more files. Choose Renaming files > Transliterate files in Presets menu on top of the interface.

All your operations will be displayed on the interface in the graphic form. If you are good in programing, you can have your actions displayed as a script. If you choose the script mode, the graphic picture will be duplicated automatically.

Batch mode permits you to transliterate several hundreds of files as fast as one file. All you need to do is click Select all to check-mark all the files contained in your selected folder.

By aid of command line support, you can operate Visual Renamer and transliterate files from within other applications.

Visual Renamer can be downloaded online. You can either try the demo version, which is valid for 30 days, or buy the registered version at once. We use a clear and concise pricing scheme that does not involve any hidden costs. If you buy the license version, you will get all upgrades and technical support for free on a regular basis. Should you find something you do not like about our program, please, get in touch with our office immediately. We are ready to listen to your suggestions any time and tailor our tools to meet your requirements.

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