Convert WMA to MPC in Batch

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

MPC or Musepack is an audio compression format characterized by high quality of compressing. Just as WMA, it is a lossy format, but it has much better quality. The quality loss might not even be heard by inexperienced users.

If you have a bunch of music files in WMA format, you might want to convert WMA to MPC in batch. This can easily be done with WMA MPC converter, one like Total Audio Converter. Unlike many free online converters, this tool is a batch audio converter. You can export over a hundred of songs in WMA format into MPC in one go. What should you do to convert your files?

Download audio converter. This program is available as s fully-functional copy for just under $20* and as a 30-day free trial copy.

Install and open Total Audio Converter. Use command line if you have enough technical knowledge or GUI if you need a user-friendly interface.

Choose the WMA files that you want to convert. A list of all the songs in WMA is automatically created by the tool.

Set MPC as the target format and then proceed with the settings. You can adjust samplerate, bitrate, and other audio parameters.

To begin automatic WMA-MPC conversion, click the "Start!" button.

You can use Total Audio Converter not only to convert WMA and other formats, but also to rip music discs and grab songs from YouTube. Other functions are also enabled in the converter! Download it now to see what else you can do with CoolUtils music converter!

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