Convert WMV to AVI and MPEG

Total Movie Converter is fully capable of handling the WMV (Windows Media Video) movie file format. E.g., it can convert WMV to AVI or MPEG (meaning all versions of the MPEG format).

WMV technology was developed by Microsoft as a part of their Windows Media framework. It integrates with WMA (Windows Media Audio) audio streams and is compatible with Windows Media Player. It is widely used to distribute video files on the Net, as well as for DVD video recording and distribution.

When converting WMV files using the Total Movie Converter, you can configure various parameters, such as frame rate or resolution, for video, and bit rate and other important parameters for audio.

AVI and MPEG are two other popular video file formats (read more here). Because of their importance to the online video file sharing communities, we considered it important to provide Total Movie Converter with the ability to convert to AVI and MPEG as the first priority.

And of course, we've done our best to make the interface utterly user-friendy, making sure that you will enjoy the process of converting your movie files. There is a special wizard that will guide you through the settings.

With Total Movie Converter you can also convert:

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