Convert Word to RTF Command Line

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Doc format used in Microsoft Word is not supported by many other text editors, especially in open source operating systems. To solve this program you can simply convert Word to RTF via command line using Total Doc ConverterX. This utility is installed on a web server and serves as a multi-user application available for all members in one local network. RTF format is bigger in size than Doc, however it is much more compatible with various document processing programs.

Total Doc ConverterX processes all conversion requests coming from different users in turn. It is very convenient, if you need to provide converting features to a few users, but do not want to purchase a few desktop licenses. Moreover, serving as a server Word converter, it can work fully automatically, processing all Doc files coming to a specific folder on a regular basis. This is provided with the help of Total Folder Monitor.

Generally, all you need to make Total Doc ConverterX work, includes the following:

Download the installer

Install and set it up on your server

Send a conversion command to this server app

Get your files converted to RTF.

Generally the conversion command includes an address of source files, a destination address, target format (RTF) and conversion options. The last ones are optional and help to format the future copies according to your needs. For this Word RTF converter no GUI is made, as for any other server-client app. However, you can integrate it to some user interface or make it a part of your existing web app. For this Word RTF converter ActiveX technology is required. You can get it here, as well as Total Folder Monitor.

With Total Doc ConverterX you will provide document converting features to multiple members. In order to convert Word to RTF command line mode is maximally suitable, as it is quick and easy. Try it out, download a free trial!

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