Convert XLTX to CSV In Batch

Although there's a huge range of different spreadsheet file formats that Excel or other programs like OpenOffice can use, the list of truly cross-platform file types is relatively short. Top of that particular list is undoubtedly CSV. As a regular spreadsheet user, you'll inevitably come across the need to, for example, export XLTX to CSV or convert XLTX to CSV in batch at some stage of the working year.

Depending on their local setup, it's a task many users will approach with trepidation. Especially if they are faced with a mountain of files to process in a hurry. Yes there is always the last resort option of painstakingly using save XLTX as CSV on every file but that could potentially chew up huge amounts of your day.

Your time is valuable and using the right tools for the right job frees you up to concentrate on higher value tasks for you and your company. Take advantage of the power and full range of functionality that Total Excel Converter offers and you'll fly through this type of common conversion job.

Total Excel Converter is a full-featured batch XLTX converter with a number of standout features. It includes the option of using extra processing steps as part of its operation which allows you to take care of common tasks such as converting URLs to hyperlinks or vice versa as part of the actual conversion itself, rather than having to edit each file. A massive timesaver on its own.

Total Excel Converter also works perfectly with existing folder and sub-folder structures meaning you're not obliged to trudge through a lot of pre- and post- preparations when you're dealing with multiple files.

You can also take advantage of Total Excel Converter's intelligent file renaming options to define your own naming conventions for output files and save yourself even more time.

As with the majority of our products, Total Excel Converter can be operated via the command line and also allows less technical users the option of creating their own BAT files via its intuitive GUI interface.

With its range of licensing options, you're sure to find a solution that matches your organisation's current needs. Try out Total Excel Converter today with our free trial and see for yourself!

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