Convert XLTX to ODS In Batch

Excel has long been the dominant spreadsheet software worldwide but, increasingly, it's far from the only game in town. The open-source OpenOffice suite is a preferred alternative in many situations and users will often be faced with a requirement to manage files across these different environments.

Sooner or later, especially if you are dealing with a range of external clients, you will probably have to export XLTX to OpenOffice ODS or convert XLTX to ODS in batch. When you're faced with performing such a task you could of course painstakingly step through each individual file and save XLTX as ODS on a file-by-file basis but it won't be long until you're looking for a more sensible and automated solution.

Total Excel Converter is the tool you should choose. In addition to its wide range of other functionality, it's a fantastically full-featured batch XLTX converter. In fact, there are several of its carefully considered features that really only truly shine in the context of bulk operations.

Take the built-in file renaming options for example. They're particularly useful when you're dealing with a number of files and want to impose your own naming conventions on the output results without having to do it by hand.

Similarly, the options for automatically handling files in folders and sub-folders come in particularly handy when you're dealing with multiple files. You can simply point Total Excel Converter at your existing folder structure secure in the knowledge that it can get the job done.

Total Excel Converter also comes with convenient extra processing steps that allow you to automatically take care of common data manipulation tasks such as converting numbers to text and vice versa on the fly as it processes files. Another potentially massive timesaver for you and your team.

As a final selling point, we should point out that Total Excel Converter is easily runnable via the command line for power users. Its intuitive GUI also allows less technically adept users to create their own BAT files for commonly performed tasks - another potentially huge boost to productivity.

Total Excel Converter is available across different licenses depending on your requirements. Take it for a spin today using our free trial and discover the many benefits it could bring to your day-to-day workflow!

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