Convert XLTX to XLSX In Batch

Microsoft have always distinguished themselves with their commitment to backwards compatibility. It's a big part of what's kept them at the top of the office tools tree for all these years and it's nowhere more apparent than in Excel.

In addition to the XLSX and XLS files that you'll doubtless be familiar with, the program also supports a range of more obscure variants such as XLT, XSTX, XLTM and ET files. A common scenario facing many number crunchers is having to export XLTX to XLSX or convert XLTX to XLSX in batch at some stage of their working year.

It's not usually a task the average office worker welcomes, particularly if there are a number of files or complicated folder structures at play. You don't want to be trying to save XLTX as XLSX by hand. In a situation like that, you'll be looking to use a fully featured batch XLTX converter like our very own Total Excel Converter.

As a tool, it's potentially a massive timesaver and could spare you or your team literally hours of manual drudgery when it comes to file conversion. This is nowhere more obvious than in its batch processing capabilities. There's a number of carefully thought out core features that make bulk operations particularly powerful.

First of all, Total Excel Converter handles existing folder and sub-folder structures with ease. This means you're not forced to go through an entire extra step of extracting the target files from their current location prior to processing. You can work with what you currently have.

A built-in file renaming option also cuts down on manual steps by giving you the option to assign certain name structures to the output files - another massive timesaver when applied in bulk.

Depending on the nature of your data, you also stand to benefit from the built-in option of processing steps which allow you to apply on-the-fly conversion steps to the data contained in your files such as intelligently converting numbers to text or vice versa. Again, a small point but one that could save a lot of time and trouble.

Total Excel Converter is easily runnable via the command line for experienced users and less technical users can access the same level of programmatic power by using the intuitive GUI to create their own executable BAT files for quickly performing common tasks.

At this price, you are not going to find a more fully featured batch XLTX converter online. The full range of licensing options available make it even more of a contender for you or your company's purchasing dollar. Download a free trial today and discover its power for yourself!

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