Convert XPS to RTF

Conversion of XPS files to RTF format makes them compatible with any document editor, including open source solutions. In RTF texts weight more than in DOC, but they can be viewed and opened everywhere. A program that can convert XPS to RTF in batch is Total PDF Converter.

As XPS is very alike with PDF, it is a kind of format for sharing information unchanged. It is very comfortable for viewing, but completely unsuitable for various data modifying. Total PDF Converter correctly renders every data element and exports it to a chosen format. For XPS into RTF conversion there is no need to go through exhausting adjustments, everything is done in a few clicks:

This is how to convert XPS files to RTF using Total PDF Converter. The program is highly quick and does the job thoroughly: converted documents will be the exact copies of the original files. No matter how formatted they were. Total PDF Converter doesn't miss image content or header/footer information - everything will be exported into RTF.

Being a batch converter, it is capable for processing any number of XPS files. The program can convert files one-by-one too. However, there is no need to divide the whole batch into few conversions, as there are no specific settings available. This XPS RTF converter can work with the whole folder of files!

If you would like to convert files from the command line, Total PDF Converter is also a good fit. The command with available parameters is sent to the program, enables conversion, and soon you get your RTF copies.

Try Total PDF Converter on your files and see how proficient it is in terms of conversion. It is free for the first 30 days!

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