Convert XPS to TIFF

Total PDF Converter is one of the most advanced batch PDF converters. It combines a variety of convenient and advanced functions, thanks to which this utility runs circles around many other converters. It integrates into Windows in such a way that you can simply right-click on a XPS file and launch it by selecting "Convert to". Command line option enables you to make XPS into TIFF from within any program being run.

If you have purchased this converter, you have bought a wonderful opportunity to save your time and money. Use the batch function to convert large groups of XPS files to TIFF and have them arranged in the same succession as the source files in your chosen folder.

How to Convert XPS to TIFF in Batch

There is no great difference between converting XPS files singly and in batch. The only difference is how many files you tick.

As you can see, you do not have to read manuals on how to convert XPS to TIFF. This XPS TIFF converter is a manual in itself, which gives you a lifetime practical lesson.

To check all its goodies, download the free demo version and test it on one of your XPS files. This version is only valid for 30 days.

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