Convert XPS to TXT

Total PDF Converter has a much better laid out interface than most other converters. Since recently, it supports XPS format. This makes it increasingly popular among users who have to convert XPS to TXT on an everyday basis. This converter incorporates a number of functions, which help users cope with workload that would otherwise take hours. For example, batch function enables you to convert hundreds of XPS files to TXT without having to hand-pick each file. You can simply press a button and set the program to convert a folderful of XPS files to TXT.

Also, this XPS TXT converter features command line option, which allows users to convert XPS files without exiting other utilities being operated. Finally, this program integrates into Windows and therefore can be launched from the desktop.

How to Make XPS into TXT

If you want to convert folderful of XPS files to a folderful of TXT files, you can do that without reading manuals. Just take a look at the screen:

To check the converter's functionality, download the 30-day free demo version and try it on a couple of XPS files. If this XPS TXT converter seems better than any of the ones you have used so far, you can buy it without waiting until the trial period is over.

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